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At Endell Vet Group we have a state of the art operating suite with modern facilities and equipment to provide comprehensive surgical treatment for your pet when needed. We adhere to very strict anti-MRSA protocols and our surgical team wear gowns, hats, masks and gloves at all times in both our operating theatres.

Routine surgical procedures are undertaken at the practice on weekdays by our surgical teams - usually a minimum of one vet and one nurse. We undertake a wide range of procedures from neutering and other elective procedures to soft tissue, orthopaedic, ocular and ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.

A range of tests may be used prior to surgery to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. This may include blood tests, fine needle aspirates, biopsies of lumps and bumps and diagnostic imaging.

Patients are normally admitted to our hospital by a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse on the morning of their operation and most are ready to go home later the same day. At this point we can perform a health check and it is a good opportunity for you to discuss any last minute concerns you may have with us. Following admission to our hospital each patient is given a pre medication to help them settle before their operation and one of our veterinary nursing team will be assigned to their care during their stay with us. We use anaesthetic agents similar to those used in human patients undergoing day surgery, which allows for rapid and smooth recovery following surgery. There is a range of equipment available to monitor your pet during his or her operation, including pulse oximetry, oesophageal stethoscopes and ECG. Emergency procedures take precedence over routine procedures and are carried out whenever they are required during the day.

For updates on the details of your pet’s operation and any post operative aftercare, medications or special dietary requirements required, we ask you to phone us later in the day, preferably after 3pm. The vet or nurse will give you an update and when you collect your pet following their stay with us you will usually be given written post-operative care instructions so you don’t have to remember every little detail at a time when you are worried about your pet!

We hope that all of this will allow you to be confident to leave your pet with us, whatever the surgical procedure from the minor to the major.


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