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Emergencies Outside Normal Working Hours

How to use our Out of Hours Emergency Service

We know that you hope that you never have to contact us after normal surgery hours but we also know that it is very worrying when your pet suddenly becomes ill or has been involved in an accident. To continue to provide a high level of care to our clients and their pets after our normal surgery hours we work with a dedicated out of hours emergency service, run by Vets Now, that is located at our premises here at 49 Endless Street. The vets and nurses who run this service only work nights, weekends and bank holidays and so are available and ready to give advice or assess your pet at any time outside normal surgery hours.

To access this service if you require assistance outside of normal working hours, all you need to do is to telephone our usual number - 01722 333291 - just as you have always done.

The Vets Now Emergency Service operates between the hours of:

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  • Monday - Friday: 18:00 - 08.30
  • Saturday: 12.00 - Monday 08.30
  • Bank Holidays Open
Vets Now Emergency Ltd
49 Endless Street

Before calling us here are a few tips to help you through the process of contacting us and to give you an idea of what will happen if you do.

We ask you to think about the following before calling us

  • Is it really an emergency? (See EVG Emergencies (pdf531kb)
  • Is your pet truly suffering or is its life in danger?

If it is or you are genuinely unsure please call us. If you do need to contact us then your call will be answered by one of our emergency answering service staff who will ask you a number of questions

  • your name and address and telephone number - please make sure that your phone will accept incoming calls from a private line so that the duty vet can call you back
  • what the problem is
  • whether you feel it is an emergency

The answering service will alert the duty vet who will return your call after a short period of time. The duty vet will be able to give you advice on whether or not you need to bring your pet to the surgery and when to come. Try to avoid using the phone until the vet returns the call. Make sure you know the details about the problem.

  • what’s wrong?
  • when did it start?
  • has it worsened?

If the vet thinks that your pet’s condition is not urgent or life threatening you may be given the opportunity to decide whether you feel your pet can wait until the normal consultation hours to be seen. If your pet has a major problem or injury be prepared to make some urgent decisions. If you need to come to the surgery you will be advised of the costs involved at this time.

Evening and Saturday Consultations

EVG run consultations up until 7pm on weekdays and until 12pm on Saturdays. If you are getting worried about your pet before these times we advise you to ring and arrange to have it seen straight away in a normal consultation. Leaving it can mean a delay in treatment and potentially a significant extra cost.

And Finally
Providing an effective 24 hour emergency service is all part of the veterinary profession’s service and no vet would begrudge their time to help an emergency case but please bear in mind that this service is for genuine emergencies and not for routine advice.

We are extremely lucky that we have an emergency service run by Vets Now based at Endell Veterinary Group so our clients needs can be met from one site and you do not have to worry about going somewhere different out of hours. However, running any emergency service is very costly so please be prepared to pay for this service. Remember to bring with you some means of payment [most credit and debit cards along with cash are accepted]. When using the emergency service, please note that the emergency out of hours fee, together with the emergency consultation fee and any treatment, are payable to Vets Now at the time your pet is seen. Further fees incurred through ongoing treatment, hospitalisation and diagnostics will be payable to Endell Veterinary Group. Terms of business are that payment becomes due when your pet is discharged. While your pet will always receive the best emergency treatment if required, we appreciate owners dealing promptly with the costs incurred. Think about what it cost the last time you called a plumber in the early hours!