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Case Studies

Adder Bite...


Adder Bite…

Late April, just after a short spell of warmth, a three year old Cocker Spaniel, Toby, was brought into us by his owners.

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Meet Teddy, a 5 month old Cockerpoo - last month he came into see us at Endells as he was vomiting and very quiet, not at all like his bright bouncy self!.

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An Interesting Case...


An Interesting Case…

Toffee, an 11 year old, female neutered, Airedale Terrier came to us at Endell Veterinary Group for general lethargy and depression, as well as having episodes of panting and coughing/choking.

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Ben's teeth


An interesting dental case

Whilst playing with his ball, Ben, a six year old border collie, managed to catch the ball in his mouth awkwardly. The tooth needed to be extracted as it had become loose and would have caused pain and possible infection if it had been left in place.

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Lily poisoning in a cat

Cats are uniquely sensitive to the ingestion of Lily flowers or leaves (Lilium and Hemerocallis species). As few as 2 leaves can be lethal in cats. Read how Mango survived.

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Encephalitozoan cuniculi infection

Bugsy was a fit and healthy 18 month old house rabbit, who spent time grazing outside. His owner noted that he had become quieter than usual and had not eaten or drunk, was falling over and appeared to be unable to see with his right eye.

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