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Nutrition rationing and evaluation

The importance of subclinical ketosis as a ‘gateway disease’ for displaced abomasum, retained foetal membranes, reduced fertility and milk yield are well established highlighting the importance of appropriate nutrition.

At Endell’s we use a range of software to critically evaluate rations and monitor performance through milk quality analysis (pdf 172kb), metabolic profiling using our on-site laboratory, urine pH for dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) and ruminocentesis for sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) in combination with Penn-State separators to evaluate physically effective neutral detergent fibre (peNDF).

All of these tools can form part of a tailored routine monitoring package or are available to all vets on an ad-hoc basis.

We can also offer an evidence based full rationing service for dairy herds using all contemporary protein systems (Feed into Milk and MP) which includes our package of monitoring and benchmarking.