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Our philosophy regarding vaccination at Endell Vet Group is that when you start there should be clear evidence as to the benefits your herd will see together with a clear path to disease freedom and the cessation of vaccination (if … Continue reading

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Presentations from our “Giving Calves the Best Start” Meeting, 3rd December 2014

Following on from feedback from the calf rearing meeting we held earlier in the month please find the presentations from Sarah Bolt (DairyCo) on calf nutrition, Peter Plate (EVG) on metabolic programming and Jim Willshire (EVG) on milk replacers below:

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Dairy Heifer Weigh Band Conversion Tool

During our recent “Giving Calves the Best Start” meeting we discussed the use of a weigh band to determine calf weights, as a result of the demand for a conversion tool we have put together a calculator based on the work … Continue reading

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Heat Stress and Twins

In this article we review the effects of heat stress on both milk and reproductive performance together with a warning for increasing numbers of twins to be expected… As this summer continues to stretch on, heat stress may have been … Continue reading

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Endell’s People – Hannah Bradon

Why did you get into the profession? My childhood dream was becoming a farmer and I spent a lot of time in my wellies! This led me to aspirations of becoming a farm animal vet in my early teens. I … Continue reading

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Changes to TB Testing

All of you will be aware of the moves by AHVLA to put the provision of OV services, and particularly TB testing, out to competitive tender.  This is progressing and the country has been divided into regions with interested parties … Continue reading

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Organic Column – Alternative Forages

Many thanks again to Henry Edmunds and Cholderton Estate for hosting a very successful farm walk on June 11th. Thank you also to Mike Hardcastle from Dairy Co and Ian Wilkinson from Cotswolds Seeds to sponsor the event. We enjoyed … Continue reading

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Summer Worming of Cattle

We are now well into the time of year when the level of worm eggs on the pasture has begun to rise, creating a potential disease risk for grazing animals. However, while all such animals are likely to be exposed … Continue reading

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Review of Footbathing Evidence

We’ve been asked a lot recently regarding which products we would recommend for routine footbathing of dairy cows with regard to the control of Digital Dermatitis – so we’ve put together a review of the peer-reviewed literature to hopefully try … Continue reading

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