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Welcome to the Endell’s Farm Animal Department

This department of Endell’s specialises in dealing with dairy, beef, sheep and more exotic herds on a daily basis through a carefully selected group of enthusiastic farm animal vets. A summary of the services we offer are offered below and for further information please follow the links.


Announcing our new telephone system at 49 Endless Street

We have introduced a new system to try and help you get through to the department you require more easily – when you phone us on 01722 333291 you will be given a choice of options and asked to make a selection:

  • For the Farm Department excluding drug orders please press 1
  • For Farm Drug Orders between 9am and 3pm please press 2
  • For the Small Animal Department and appointments please press 3
  • For payments and account queries please press 4
  • For the Equine Department please re-dial 01722 710046

If you know the option you want you can just press that number once you are connected – you do not have to listen to the whole message!

If the department you want is busy your call may be picked up by a member of staff from a different department who will put you through to the person you wish to speak to or take a message for them to call you back as soon as they are available to do so.

For those of you who do not have push button phones – just hold the line and someone will answer your call. Unfortunately you will not be able to direct your call to a specific department – it will be answered by whichever member of staff happens to be free to answer the phone.